I teach theater at a school in the South Bronx. In the frenzy over test scores, charter schools, and a million other hot-button education topics, I'm doing my best to stay true to the inspiring, humbling process of making art with young people-- and helping them learn to create their best selves in the process. 

For me, the moment of creativity is the moment of learning. And whether it happens grandly or subtly, with a flash of insight or a slow burn, at a theater, in a science lab, or on the street, learning isn’t about transferring facts from one head to another-- it’s about sparking curiosity, burning through resistance, forging the passionate discipline to create new ideas.

So the way I see it, that's my job--as a teacher, writer, and creative human--to spark little fires that light the way for: "Whoa, the world is way more interesting/ strange/ painful/ ridiculous/ awesome than I was giving it credit for." But it goes beyond instigating "ah-ha" moments. The real work is about keeping the creative fires burning and sustaining life-long learning.